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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  November 21, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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developing story for montgomery county now. fire officials on the scene of an early-morning house fire that left a firefighter with serious burns. the flames broke out in gaithersburg. >> reporter: the firefighters have been out here already for a few hours. trying to determine what caused this fire. joining us now is assistant chief scott graham with montgomery county fire. this happened around 3:00 this morning. >> yes, 3:06 this morning. montgomery county fire rescue was alerted for a house fire at 1908 chelsey knoll drive. >> reporter: can you tell us where you are in the investigation. >> the fire was advanced in the house when we arrived at the scene. it started in the area of the garage or towards the back of the garage. and then rapidly spread to the home. right now our fire and explosive investigators are digging through the remains of the home. trying to find an origin cause of the fire.
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they should be out here most of the morning conducting that. >> reporter: six people live inside this home. no one was injured. we understand one of your firefightders have to go to the hospital. can you give us an update on your guy? >> yes. fortunately he was released from the burn center. first and second-degree burns to both of his hands as well as across his forehead. he has been released and will be going to followup clinic visits at the burn center. >> reporter: what's next, i understand, you are going to be out here all day. this house -- i mean, it is gutted. the garage is gone. >> reporter: >> we need to make sure the build sing safe before we leave it. we will be working with companies throughout the afternoon, other departments within montgomery county, to go ahead and finish demolishing the front of the building. it is unsafe. the brick part you are looking at now is very unstable. we will make sure that's taken down before we leave here. >> reporter: assistant chief scott graham. thank you so much for joining us this morning. again, firefighters will be out here for quite some time. good news, the firefighter was
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released from the hospital. no one else was injured. as you saw in the video, the flames were very intense. >> elaine, thank you. police in prince george's county are trying to figure out who set several cars on fire in seabrook. they say at least two cars were torched at a service station in the 8100 block of martin luther king highway. police haven't released any information on suspects or a motive. ing a second man is in custody for the murder of a d.c. man whose familiar sly no stranger to tragedy. police arrested deangelo edwards of northeast washington yesterday. he and jeffrey britt face first-degree murder charges in the killings of george rawlings who was shot to death as he board ad bus earlier this month after attending a frie's fam funeral. to tonight's showdown in the u.s. senate. aability over health care
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reform. tonight's vote is the highest hurdle yet for the president and democrats and there is no room for error. mike viqueira has the story. >> reporter: they call it the world's greatest deliberative body. >> the senate will come to order. >> reporter: when it comes to health care, the u.s. senate may not be deliberating at all. facing a solid wall of republican opposition, tonight democrats need every one of their 60 senators' voting eye with street deb on health care to begin. frustration is mounting. >> i don't know of a single credible reason to vote against going to consideration of legislation. >> reporter: to democrats remain undecided. both from conservative leaning states and both concerned about the bill's cost and the inclusion of a public option health plan. withemocratic poll numbers dropping, the stakes tonight are high. >> if democrats cannot deliver on the core element of their agenda, at a time when middle
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class voters already questioning whether washington is doing anything for them, will that produce an -- a verdict that the democratic congress is unable to govern? >> reporter: the senate bill would require health insurance for all. require many large employers to cover employees or face a fine. insurers could not reject coverage based on pre-existing conditions. the cost of the senate bill, $848 billion. all of it paid for with cuts in medicare's growth and a tax on expensive health plans. and increased taxes on couples making more than $250,000 and a 5% tax on elective cosmetic procedures. already being referred to as the bo-tax. citing the bill's cost, the new taxes and sheer size republicans are unified in opposition. >> i think what we need to do is kill this bill and then pivot to common sense bipartisan bill, building onhe step by step performs we know are important
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inned to do what's in the best interest of the american people. >> that was mike viqueira reporting. democrat ben cardin says he's confident in tonight's vote. the senator from maryland spoke out on the "today" show this morning. >> i think we will have the 60 votes this evening to proceed as has been said, this is the start the debate. it is not the end of the debate. it is critically important we get the cost of health care down and provide affordable options for all americans. it is a consumer bill and helps consumers keep their insurance and protects them against the arbitrary practices of private insurance companies. >> snar cardin says he's optimistiche u.s. senate will pass health care reform by the end of the year. there is concern this morning over four cases of swine flu in north carolina. that's because the four patients seem to have contracted a virus that's resistant to the popular drug tamiflu. lauren hill has the latest now from durham, north carolina. >> reporter: the four patients tested positive for what officials say is a mutation of h1n1 that's resist tent to
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tamiflu. one of two medications used to help to fight the virus. >> influenza associated deaths but had many medical issues that were -- compromising their health. >> reporter: officials say there appears to be no difference in severity between the new mutation and the typical h1n1 virus that's circulate. >> this resistance is from a mutation but that does not mean that h1n1 virus in general is mutating. yes. this is a mutation that has occurred in the small number of patients. >> reporter: so small a number that health officials say tamiflu is still a very effective medicine in treating h1n1. they are trying to determine what, if any, connections there may be between the patients. the patients still at dukeas treated with a drug relenza and officials say she is recovering. the vaes majority of people affected with influenza do not receive anti-viral treatment. this mutation is a mute point to most of us. however, it is something that we
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have to pay attention to when we see it. >> reporter: the doctor with duke's infectious disease department says the cases have not changed treatment policies at duke. it is something that they are evaluating. >> that was lauren hill's reporting. number of swine flu cases dropped in the last week but health experts fear what could happen during the thanksgiving holiday, the centers for disease corol and prevention say swine flu illnesses are widespread in 43 states. down from 46 p week before. the cdc says there are four basic steps that could help you avoid getting the swine flu. travel only if you feel okay. not sick. wash your hands often and cover your cough and sneeze and get vaccinated. people in the district will be rolling up their sleeves for the vaccine today. the free clinics are open now at north michigan park and bald eagle recreation until 1:00 p.m. for priority groups, pregnant women, ages 24 and under and those with chronic conditions
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and health re workers. people in our area are pounding the pavement to help fight homelessness this morning. the 22nd annual fannie mae help the homeless walkathon started minutes ago and should be over by 11:30. craig melvin will be emceeing the event and there will be rolling street closures. plan extra time if you are driving through downtown this morning. if you plan to ride metro, expect at least 30-minute delays today and tomorrow. track maintenance will have trains sharing one track between east falls and ballston stations, medical center and grover in on the red line. van dorn and king asks on the blue. in addition, 11 metro bus routes will be detoured because of a thanksgiving parade in silver spring. of course, the fannie mae walkathon. traffic is moving again this morning on both ways of the beltway in virginia. all lanes of northbound 495 were closed near gallows road and route 50 overnight as construction crews worked on the new hot lines. southbound les, though, will be closed at 11:00 tonight in
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that same area. those lanes should reopen by 9:00 tomorrow morning. 9:08 is your time now. 48 degrees. overweight students told to shape up or ship out. the controversy over a college -- college that's fighting obesity with a fitness requirement. a fake police raid in baltimore, a lawmaker can pop the company. the new fallout over the indecent proposal. a story for sports fans. why dock say an overtime thriller may be bad for your heart. how self-medicating by the use
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benched for good? >> is betts chance to win?
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>> it's mr. wilson's neighborhood. >> on the next "redskins showtime." 42 people are dead. 66 others are trapped after an explosion in a coal mine in china. the explosion was caused by a gas backup. the government says more than 500 people were working in the mine at the time. about 400 of them managed to escape. china's mines a considered the most dangerous in the world. 77 people were killed in a mine explosion there in february. a hearing is scheduled for today for the alleged gunman in the ft. hood shooting but the hearing won't be held anywhere near a courtroom. instead major nidal hasan's hearing will be held in a hop where he's still recovering from his wounds. the hearing is to decide whether the army psychiatrist should be placed in a jail cell until his trial. his lawyer claims he should remain in the hospital because he's paralyzed from the waist down.
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hasan faces 13 charges of premeditated murder. the washington couple accused of spying for cuba is headed to prison. retired estate department official walter kendall myers and his wife gwendolyn pled guilty yesterday in federal court. they were arrested in june after an undercover fbi investigation. court documents allege that they spied on the u.s. government for cuba for three decades. walter myers agreed to serve a life sentence for plotting to commit espionage and wire fraud. gwendolyn pled to a lesser charge and will serve between 6 and 7 1/2 years in prison. in news 4 your health, if you are a sports fan you know how a big game can make your heart pound. according to doctors, that could increase your risk for hard attack. researchers in china studied 40 men who had suffered a heart attack. half watched entertainment mousse and the other half watched clips from the olympics. doctors found that the sports matches close, the participants' blood pressure increased and their heart was variable and risk for blood clots went up. all those factors increased the
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risk for another heart attack. call it snake oil 2.0. no wonder in the tough economy the people are turning to the internet for deals. the savings may come at a cost to yr health. >> reporter: more than 9 million women turn to injectable fillers to help them look younger every year. they are costly. often more than $500 a treatment. to save money some people are buying the products online. a move that ended in disaster for this woman who didn't want to be named. she bought industrial strength silicone onli for $10 and injected it into her own face. >> injected improperly it can cause skin defects and pblems that sometimes can be permanent. >> reporter: we found you could easily buy injectable fillers online without a prescription. >> definitely is a prescription medication and it is only you a available to physicians. >> reporter: there's no way to know if you are getting the real, sterile and safe products.
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>> products that aren't pure and are not what they are supposed to be when they are put in can cause serious infections. in some patients can actually even cause death. >> reporter: one patient even obtained botox on your own. >> i had someone bring a product and asked me to inject it. i had no idea where they got the product. i was not going to inject something i didn't purchase myself. >> reporter: even if you get lucky and get the real product, doctors train for years to safely inject it. fillers are not tomorrow products you can buy easily online. a silicone breast implant? how about iv bags? an epe-pen snap problem is you don't know what dose is in the device some putting something like that into your body for a bee sting at a dose that's meant to stimulate the heart could have serious ramifications. could put the heart into ventricular fibrillation that could be life threatening. >> reporter: online medical products can be cheap but could
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come at a very high cost. >> the fda recommends against buying online from companies you don't know. if you are dead set on saving money on medical products, go with no retailers and shop around but at places that employ licensed pharmacists and easy way to check the origin of medical products is by lot number, units shipped to doctors can be traced by that number and proper handling verified to make sure they stay sterile in the supply chain. shape up or else. a special require many for overweight students. the rules apply to lincoln university, historically black school. 45 miles from philadelphia. students have to get tested for their body mass index. if the students' bmi result over 30 they are considered obese and must take a weekly three-hour fitness class. lincoln officials say they are just simply concerned about high rates of obesity and diabetes in the black community. some virginia college students will have to pay more for classes starting next semester. the college of william & mary
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and mary washington university are raising their tuition in the middle of the school year. william & mary voted to increase tuition by $300 a year. the school eliminated 18 jobs. mary washington universi's board of visitors approved a $100 tuition hike for full-time students. that hike will be pro-rated for part time students. 9:17 is your time. chuck bell joins us and has a preview of the forecast. >> that's right. preview of our forecast and the weekly list. college football forecasts. if you sent it in, it is probably going make it on tv. all of the details are coming right up.
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♪ this morning, the space shuttle "atlantis" crew woke up to an oldie but goody. in just 20 minutes, two astronauts from the space shuttle atlantic advertise will begin the second space walk of the mission. they are conning work on the space station. one of those astronauts is anxiously waiting the birth of his daughter. yesterday was the expected delivery date. i think his wife will eventually forgive him. he has a good excuse. he wasn't golfing. >> i was caught in space. good weather for -- for anything you want to do outside today.
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we had a string of soggy saturdays around the area. i know a lot of people are waking up this morning and getting their saturday started and look out the window and see clouds and they are nervous about it. i heard from many folks already that they are worried about all the cloud cover outside this morning. that's not going to last. these clouds are hanging tough through the morning hours. i do think woe will get breaks of sunshine around here by later this afternoon. even better, these are not rain-making clouds. you don't need to worry about the rain plan for your saturday or for your sunday. but we have a deck of clouds hanging over us for this morning. temperature at ronald reagan national airport has now inched its way up to 49 degrees. not much of a breeze blowing out ere either. sun is now up. even though you can't see it. goes down at 4:50 this afternoon. earliest sunset is 4:45. the early ones come between december 4th and december 11th. temperatures across the area on your saturday morning is the weekend. you are getting things started. not too bad. 49 in town.
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44 degrees now in fairfax and loudoun county. 48 in frederick, maryland. damascus, germantown. mid to high 40s there. upper 40s alongside the bay. all the way down towards leonard town. 44 degrees at the marine corps base in quantico, virginia. relatively stable temperatures across the eastern seaboard. mid to high 40s across the area. cooler air and drier air back out to our west. that will bring in clearing skies. late tonight. can see the stream of mid-level clouds sort of dimming out our sunshine on the whole, though, since it is not raining i would still call it a super saturday. only because we have had so many soggy ones in a row. big area of high pressure generally speaking it will keep us dry all weekend long. as it starts to move away, a little bit of moisture wl start to sneak up on the back side of that high. and as a result, clouds will thicken during the course of the day tomorrow and rain becomes likely probably until after midnight tomorrow night into the early morning hours of monday. keep that in mind. the weekend will be dry. morning clouds give way to afternoon clearing today. temperatures will stay in the 50s. it is time for college football
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forecast. yes, indeed. tcu going up to laramie, wyoming. sues wanted to know what the forecast was. a little on the chilly side. bill, rob, kim, the whole gang, ohio state in ann arbor. osu/michigan game. 51 degrees. ruby never thought she could see her team on tv in washington. elon college from north carolina. birmingham. taking on the samford bulldogs. 58 degrees. wisconsin at northwestern game today. 53 degrees in evanston, chicago. around here, decent amounts of shine later today and first part of tomorrow, next chance for real rainfall around here comes up late sunday night into the day on monday. another chance for a shower comes up on thanksgiving day. >> looks good. >> more games to come. alex ovechkin can't get the caps going. the wizards are outdueled.
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good morning, everybody. "sports minute" begins with the capitals. last night a rare occurrence at the verizon center. ovechkin didn't have a point and for a second time in 12 ho games this year, the capitals failed to earn a point. montreal canadiens walked away from washington with a 3-2 win. to hoops. good news for the wizards last night was like the good old days. gilbert arenas, jamison and caron butler all scoring over 30 points. the bad news, outdone by the big guns. a power is some that includes kevin duran and jeff green combined for 104 points and nearly beat the wizards all by themselves. washington falls to the thunder 127-118. college hard wood. after a near miss two days ago george mason had another chance to pull off an offset.
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upset. the patriots stayed with 21st ranked georgia tech in the first half. in the second, a different story. the yellow jackets, too much as they beat mason, 70-62. in high school football, revenge and a chance to get one step closer to a state championship all on the line for stonebridge in madison. stonebridgtrying to avenge their only loss of the season. and they do it. bulldogs take control in the opening possession and never look back. stonebridge advances to its eighth straight regional final, winning 27-8 over madison. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. 9:25 is your time. 48 degrees. the skinny on president obama and how the critics are worried he lost too much weight. a governor that disappeared to argentina to be with his mistress. why mark sanford could get into more trouble this week. you may love the holidays but so do thieves. how to protect yourself against
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crooks while you do your shopping.
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front. back from war but have scars you can't see. look at post traumatic stress disorder and how it affects our service members.
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he paid up but that was not enough to keep someone else out of hot water this morning. shop with a cop. it is not just a catchy phrase. it is how police are protecting holiday shoppers in our area. why it can help you from becoming a victim. good morning. welcome back. i'm eun yang. let's get an update on our weekend forecast with meteorologist chuck bell. we are still expecting sunshine. >> we are. a little bit. at least later on today. we got stuck under this cloud deck first thing this morning. these are not rain-making clouds. don't be afraid of rainfall our saturday. it is not going to happen even with some clouds outside this morning. temperatures are now moving up into the mid and high 40s across the area. it is going to be close to average day for this afternoon. high temperatures climbing up into the mid and upper 50s. sun does not go down until 4:50 this afternoon.
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the clouds are a little peskier than they were supposed to be. they should clear out overnight tonight and tomorrow, thickening clouds. next chance for rain isn't until monday. >> great. thank you very much. it can be a long walk to the car when your hands are full and no one else is around. police in montgomery county hope to put an end to that over the next month with a new initiative designed to protect shoppe. pat collins has the story. >> shop with a cop. >> reporter: beginning the day after thanksgiving, right through christmas, the police will have extra patrols to keep you safe in and around your favorite shopping spot. they are going to be handing out special shopping bags made out of reflective material because sometimes getting from here to there can be downright dangerous. >> 22% of our pedestrian collisions are occurring in shopping center parking lots. >> reporter: shop with a cop. the cops will be there to encourage you to shop smart. keep packages locked in your
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car's trunk. use credit cards or checks. not cash. and be alert to your surroundings. >> shop with a cop. >> reporter: what do customers think about these special holiday police patrols? >> a good idea to me. >> good, you know, to -- cut down on theft and stuff lik that. >> that way there's nobody taking something that you are buying for somebody else. >> reporter: shop -- >> with -- >> a -- >> cop. >> reporter: i'm pat collins, news4. >> locations chosen for the shop with a cop initiative includes the congressional shopping center on rockville pike in rockville. central business district of bethesda. central business district of silver spring. milestone shopping center in germantown. lake forest mall in gaithersburg. police are paying for the program with money from speed camera tickets. a happy ending in the search for a missing teenage girl in maine. police found courtney thursday night trapped in her suv.
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they say the vehicle rolled down a ravine near portland on tuesday. courtney broke her pelvis, both her legs, and her jaw. she's expected to make a full recovery. south carolina's governor now faces a possible impeachment. a bipartisan committee oftate lawmakers will begin working next week on a resolution to impeach governor mark sanford. the committee chair expect it is panel to have mething ready for the full judiciary committee by christmas. this comes just as the state ethics panel announced it is moving forward with charges against sanford after its investigation into the governor's travel and campaign finances. sanford admitted to having an affair in june. the baltimore police sergeant that authorized the use of department equipment for a lawmaker's marriage proposal has been charged with misconduct. the police department has not revealed his name. they say he approved cardin's proposal plan which included police boarding a boat in the inner harbor and pretending to search for contraband. a police helicopter also flew
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overhead. cardin eventually apologized and reimbursed the police department for the indent. worry often far from over after they looefl the battlefield. some are haunted by nightmares and depression when they return home. more on new research that may predict when soldiers are likely to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. >> reporter: dodging bullets and land mines, witnessing the brutality of war. most that survive a battle return to normal civilian lives but others are never the same. why do some soldiers get ptsd while others don't? dr. baker says it is like being exposed to an infectious disease. >> some people get ill and others don't. you get a germ. some get ill. others don't. >> reporter: in this experiment many soldiers see different pictures. some peaceful and others disturbing. some could be more vulnerable to
9:34 am
ptsd, a genetic link to the disorder. >> you have probably an interaction between the genes and the environment that leads to more resilience or more risk. >> reporter: soldiers with a history of emotional abuse, depression, and anxiety and brain injury may also be at risk. identifying them before they fight could help prevent ptsd. >> there may be some additional training for those folks that would let them -- practice or work on certain kinds of things. >> reporter: learning more about ptsd will help civilians at risk for the disorder. >> it can be helpful in targeting women who have been exposed to trauma, to rapes or to domestic violence. >> that was katherine garcia reporting. ptsd was not officially recognized by the department of veterans affairs until 1980. here's food for thought. while you are enjoying your thanksgiving feast keep in mind
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that thousands of families in our our area won't be celebrateding with the traditional stuffing. 100 of the families will be enjoying holiday meals this thursday. presenting one r 100 local families with free feasts. carlos allen is the founder of h.u.s.h. and is here with more on it. sounds like wonderful program. tell me more about it. >> h.u.s.h. focuses to work with different charities. uplift the charities. uplift individuals, make sure everybody understands, you know, that people out there really are doing good things. a lot of times, you know, we focus on people's -- what they are driving and what they are wearing. we never talk about, you know, when they are doing as far as good things. we decided to put together a magazine that focuses on that. but right now, what we are doing is we are -- feeding 100 people,
9:36 am
100 families, who -- may not have the actual money to get a thanksgiving dinner. and we think that it is a great thing to do because it is something small. but we are doing it. and we have had a lot of people come onboard with us and help us with this journey of giving back to families. and we have been very, very thankful to a lot of people. >> sounds like a great program. how did you identify the families who are going to be presented with the dinners? did they apply? what was the process like? >> the process was -- we talked to a lot of different individuals who worked in the social arena and contacted a lot of individuals who were interested and filled out the forms. and the ones who were interested in actually getting the actual food, we went made and said we will give it to you. we had one young lady from atlanta that said i have -- key issues, family doesn't have any food. can you send us food? we did. we went ahead and contacted a program in atlanta -- kroger in atlanta and purchased their
9:37 am
turkey dinner. a turkey dinner is very nice. it comes with a huge turkey. comes with stuffing and comes with the actual bread. it comes with everything. i have had it before. this one is -- ones we are get ring from giant. but it is a wonderful thing and we are very happy to be able to be a part of. >> it you said you are working wi a lot of different charities. are they helping you raise money and the funds to make sure you can pay for all these meals? is that how that happen? >> we started this about two weeks ago. it was like something that came out of nowhere. you know, doing something for the families. and -- we have been -- you know, working with individuals, friends and family members. you know, raise the money necessary to get this done. we still need -- some money. still looking for that, donations to help us complete this whole endeavor. everything is looking very good. we are very happy to be a part of this. >> all right. carlos allen with h.u.s.h. society magazine. thank you for joining us. it is now 9:37.
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coming up, too skinny? president obama responds to the criticism about his weight. plus, a 9-year-old gets behind the wheel. how it may have saved her family's life. it is a weekend that tweens and older fans have been waiting for. a preview of the new "twilight" movie.
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fantasy and one story based on real life.
9:41 am
the details in this week's box office preview. >> what is he doing? >> both of you come on. >> told me nothing. he is scared of you. >> reporter: the vampire love story gets a furry twist as "new moon" hits the theaters. they are back as love struck teens edward and vella. edward and his family has taken a hike to protect her from her lifestyle. taylor has his own supernatural secrets. more danger and could lead to a reunion with edward. rated pg-13. >> this is make. he's new here. i expect you will make him feel welcome. >> reporter: "the blindside." a teen when he was home sxlst taken in by a wealthy couple. through his own hard work and
9:42 am
determination of his adoptive family, orr manages to turn his life around. "the blind side," rated pg-13. >> what the -- >> instead of letting little green men come to us, we go to them. the animated comedy "planet 51." dwayne johnson provides the voice of the astronaut that lands on what he expected to be an uninhabited planet that turns out to be a white picket fence world. that puts big targets on the astronaut's back. rated pg. that's the box office preview. issues weigh on president barack obama. is stress causing him to lose weight? the president says he's not. media reports claims he was skipping meals and shedding pounds. president obamsaid he's just fine. that his weight has fluctuated by about five pounds for the last 30 years. the president did admit he's indeed going gray.
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9:42. 48 degrees. chuck will be back with a look at your fo
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gfrmgts news if you live near reagan national or dulles. the new system will help you track noisy flights that take off or land at the airport. it is called air scene. it lets you collect information about flights around the two airports. 27 hours after they occur.
9:46 am
you can then use the information to file complaints with the metropolitan washington airport authority about noisy flights. bwi is not participating in that program. >> yes. you are very interested in it because you know the maryland forecast is coming up up. >> we do. we know you have a bunch of people that called. >> absolutely right. we don't want to waste a lot of time and chitchat. >> i want line i know it. it has been a tough morning outside the the clouds held in there tough. i mentioned earlier these are not rain-making clouds pet they may dim out the sunshine true the rest of the morning hours. we will get sun back this afternoon. we will have sunshine for part of the day tomorrow. rain is not a part of your weekend forecast. so take heart, everybody. as you go outside, maybe a little sightseeing, there is a pretty spot to walk by. 1600 pennsylvania avenue northwest. home of the president, of course. 49 degrees now. wind has gone calm. sun does not go down until 4:50
9:47 am
this evening. almost up to the earliest sunsets of the year. 4:45 is our earliest sunset. that occurs from december 4th until december 11th. outside now, it is 49 in town. 48 degrees in frederick, maryland. 47 degrees in baltimore. 47 in annapolis. still 30s hanging across parts of the virginia piedmont. on the whole it will be a nice day today. little bit of gray sky out there first thing this morning. temperatures generally speaking uniform up and down the eastern seaboard. here is where the clouds are coming from. little streak in the jet stream goeg racing overhead and as hancing the clouds a little bit. still i will call eight super saturday because it is not raining. we have had an awful lot of soggy saturdays recently high pressure is in charge. no threat for rain today or for tomorrow. as that area of high pressure overhead that's a reason there is hard lay breeze to blow out there. storminess across the gulf of mexico will start to throw moisture our way. clouds will thicken and lower during the day tomorrow.
9:48 am
any chances for rain come well after the sun goes down tomorrow. so all of our weekend is looking dry. that's welcomed news. plenty of clouds around for the morning. i think we will get clearing skies by later this afternoon. temperatures around here today will stay in the 50s. football game forecast. uva, cavaliers, down in clemson. death valley. 3:30 is the kickoff. 60 degrees. north carolina state, wolfpack. in blacksburg taking on the hokies today. 3:30 is the kickoff time. high temperature near 56 degrees. shannon says that the terps are going down to her knowles today. 68 degrees with a risk of rain in tallahassee. kent, unfortunately, for them, they are from lubbock and they are texas tech fans. they sent in their request. they are playing oklahoma. sure fire bet it would get on. sooners are down there to take on the red raiders in lubbock.
9:49 am
noon. just after noon is the kickoff. 62 degrees. i'm confident, i think we can win this one. lubbock is a dangerous place to play. again, there is our four-day forecast. cloudy skies in and out for your weekend. it can always rain on monday. nobody cares if it rains on monday. tuesday and wednesday, bik travel getaway, dry and chance for a shower on thanksgiving day before cool, breezy weather comes in for the weekend after thanksgiving. >> go, terps. thanks, chuck. it is now 9:49. she is not old enough to drive but a -year-old took the wheel and it saved her family's life. when an
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tonight it could be the next big thing in entertaining. the ice cube that makes your drink stronger as it melts instead of watering it down. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. capitals try to mount a comeback but come up short and the wizardsan't keep up in a high-scoring game. dan hellie has your morning sports. it was a rare occurrence at verizon last night. the smoking on montreal canadiens managed to withstand a furious caps comeback and walk away from washington with a win.
9:53 am
first period, no score. battling a few canadiens and gets the puck over. rips it past price. the capitals are feeling good. they take a 1-0 lead on the third goal of the season. second period. we are tied at 1. caps get sloppy on defense. takes the puck and gets the past beyond morrison who was diving. canadiens go up 2-1. third period. same score. montreal on the power play. work the puck around the perimeter. he rips the one-timer. caps lose 3-2 to montreal. good news for the wizards last night. it was like the good old days with gilbert arenas, jamison, caron butler. all scoring over 20 points. the bad news, the wizards' big three were on outdone by the thunder's young guns. oklahoma city foursome that includes local guys, durant and jeff green.
9:54 am
combined for 104 points and nearly beat the wiz all by themselves. we are in oklahoma city. montrose christian, kevin durant. we have been hearing a whole lot about montrose products lately. first quarter. durant sizing up butler. i'm going to pull a baseline. doesn't go. no worries. jeff green is there. flying through the air for the followup. green had 19 points on the evening. second quarter. wiz down by three. butler drains three-pointer with duran. tie the game at 32. butler led the wizards with 24 points. late second quarter. thunder go on a run with the wizards struggling. the sh does not fall. tipped around. haywood gets it. stripped by westbrook. a pretty pass. over to durant for the dunk. third quarter. wizards trying to fight their way back into the game. arenas drives and leaves it for
9:55 am
the big man, brendan haywood. gilbert, eight assists on the evening. brendan, 14 points. in the fourth quarter, this young thunder team just too much. james harden steps in the passing lane. goes behind the back to russell westbrook and gets it back. look from arizona state throws it down. oklahoma city beats the wizards, 127-118. high school football. game of the week in virginia. revenge. chance to get one step closer to a state championship all on the line for stonebridge, madison. stonebridge trying to avenge their only loss of the season. to ashburn. this is called making a sweet entrance. the bulldogs in charge the whole way. check out number 21 for stonebridge. takes the direct snap. and he is gone. marcus harris, what a night. over 100 yards. sets a new school record for rushing yards in a season. stonebridge wins it 27-8. that's your morning sports,
9:56 am
everybody. what a football game that was. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. what are you most proud of that you did when you were 9 years old? finished first in a science fear, won the school spelling bee. one missouri girl can top all of those. she saved her family's lives. jeff was driving his daughters to sool when he passed out. their van was drifting off the road and christine did not panic. she grabbed the wheel and steered the van through two telephone poles before the vehicle finally came to rest in a ravine. perhaps most amazing part of the whole thing is christine doesn't consider herself a hero. >> that night before, waerp just -- we ate. we had fun. in the morning, we got in a wreck. >> it is still not clear why christine's father, jeff, passed out. he says his family does have a history of high cholesterol.
9:57 am
good for her. >> absolutely. >> she will ace that driving test. >> capable of driving, flyings, whatever they need to do. >> that's it for "news4 today." we hope to see you again tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. have a great day. we leave you pictures from mission control from nasa as the astronauts from the international space station get set to do their space walk. the father-to-be, randy bresnik, is out there with michael foreman. we wish them all the best and a safe return. have a great day.
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